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2010 Field Trip to Baltimore and DC

In April, the highschool took a field trip to Baltimore and Washington DC.

Entire Highschool on Field Trip

We took a walking tour of Baltimore and saw things like this short, fat light house. Then we spent the afternoon at the National Aquarium.

Baltimore light house

We toured the Capitol building (what they will let you see of it, anyway).


But after the Capitol building, we had a fantastic tour of the Pentagon. You're not supposed to take photos there so I don't have any to share. The 9-11 Memorial there is also very moving; I was very impressed by the design. After that we spent some time at the Smithsonian Museums, then we went to the Lincoln Memorial, the Korean War Memorial, and the Vietnam War Memorial.

Lincoln Memorial

Washington Monument

On the last day, we toured Arlington National Cemetery and Mt. Vernon. We watched the Changing of the Guard. It was an exhausting trip, but fun.

Changing of the Guard

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